Kari G • Front Office | Treatment Coordinator

I grew up for a few years in Waikiki, Hawaii on the naval base and then in Huntington Beach, California after my father left the Navy for most of my life. I went to Concorde Career College for Dental Assisting in Garden Grove, CA and very shortly after graduating became a Registered Dental Assistant of California. I have 2 years’ experience in the field and currently love doing a mix of both front and back office work as I like to be more of a “hands on” person. I joined dentistry originally to make people smile. I know dentistry can be stressful for some people and it warms my heart when I can make people laugh or feel more at ease because of me.

I used to not smile because of the way my teeth looked and when I got them fixed I was so overjoyed I was crying. I have never hid my smile since and want to bring that same joy to all our patients. I moved to Texas not too long after to be with my, now, fiancé and stopped working the field for some time but sorely missed it so when I moved to Sedona and now Scottsdale, Arizona I decided to get back into it. I love to watercolor and play video games in my free time and go to Disneyland any opportunity I get as it is one of my favorite places to go. I have a beautiful 13lb Ragdoll/Siamese mix cat named Perseus or Percy for short who brings such love and happiness to our lives that we wouldn’t know what to do without him. We’re getting married on October 3rd under the redwoods in Fairfax, Ca that I’m so excited I can hardly wait!