Dental Implants

Restoring a missing tooth can be great for not only the look of your smile, but also the overall health of your teeth! When a tooth is missing, many problems can begin to occur such as other teeth shifting out of place and jaw bone loss. These problems can make it hard to easily replace the missing tooth if you wait too long. Replacing a missing tooth can also boost confidence, make chewing easier, and help your overall self-esteem – all great reasons to restore a tooth as well! Whatever your reason, let dental implants be the answer for restoring your smile.

The Implant Process

Getting a dental implant involves three main steps that work together to create a lasting replacement tooth for your smile. The three steps are the abutment, post and dental crown. First, the abutment is placed and allowed to heal before the post is placed. The post also must heal before the final dental crown can be set. Because the abutment and post each need time to heal before more work can be done, the entire process will take a few months altogether. This investment will result in a restored tooth that is made to last a lifetime! 

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